Why can’t you get Pregnant?

Why can’t you get pregnant?Many a times you find the couple wanting to have a child find themselves in a situation not favorable for getting pregnant. Why is it so? After having all the medical tests done, they find no defects in themselves. But still they brood over the fact that they can’t conceive a baby. Why is it so?

Let me explain it in detail- have you heard ‘incompatibility in graft v/s host reaction- reaction of graft by body of host e.g. bone marrow transplant or liver transplant, or simple immune response of body to some foreign organism entry at cellular level- it is to reject that foreign organism (virus or bacteria) destroy it and excrete it out of the body.

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Same happens with the father cell that is sperm when it enters the mothers body, if there is no love, respect and acceptance in between the would be mother and father then there is increased possibility of following mishaps:

  1. Spermicidal action of female cervical secretions
  2. Decreased motility especially darting movement of the sperm
  3. Relatively decreased energy depots in semen required for the motility and survival of sperms
  4. Many unexplained events in the process of fertilization leading to obstacles and failure.
  5. If at fertilization takes place then there is unexplainable abortion or rejection.

So if there is a case of infertility, I do request would be parents and experts in the field to evaluate the root cause based on psychosomatic history of the couple. Usually emotional incompatibility is neglected. Even though blood, hormone, and other investigations like USG, HSG and sperm evaluation and all possible clinical investigations reveal no problem, still we find no positive result coming. Here emotions have to be taken into considerations. They sometimes form the root cause.

Pregnancy naturally is a beautiful miracle! Sperms travel swiftly towards the ovum driven by its aroma. Same as pollen grains are transmitted from one flower to other for fertilization. If such essence of beauty is realized by would be parents then surely the end product of reproduction will be healthy both at the physical and emotional level. So cherish the beauty of pregnancy.

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