Pregnancy- Precious Journey

Pregnancy- Precious JourneyReproduction takes place in nature at all levels like in plants, animals, birds, and insects and even in unicellular organisms. Then how come in human beings this process is different? Yes, it is simply because of ‘mind’- the psychology of thoughts and emotions.

But at this turn of write-up may I request my readers to accept pregnancy as a natural process. Being a doctor I see pregnancy becoming a much worried process, even a strenuous chain of efforts taking place between doctors and would be parents. Infertility and abortions are outcomes of stressful living style.

First positive step between husband and wife is natural acceptance of getting transformed as father and mother. Yes! Surely mind plays a lot of tricks at sub-conscious level. Over period of time while practicing I have seen – in pre pregnancy history details – if the lady is not physically and or mentally ready for motherhood or if there is stress/dispute between husband and wife then there occurs the ‘Process of Refusal’ in the body.

‘Complete health’ of both husband and wife must be ensured for this- friendly relationship between husband and wife, good ambience, supportive relatives these are most conducive advantages before and during pregnancy. Physical fitness should be ensured by- balanced diet, daily exercise, breathing exercises like pranayama (with expert advice), avoid smoking, alcohol nicotine, excessive fried food and fast food. If there is some illness to one of the partner- even cough or fever then it is better to wait for conception (reproduction) till the complete recovery from the illness. If at all there is an evidence of any nutritional deficiency then as a priority nutritional supplementation is essential before conception.

One has to understand that all the above things should be taken care of in particular because one cell known as Sperm from father and one cell known as Ovum from mother are transmitting- genes, energy, health status, nutritional stores and of course emotions- to the off spring! At all these levels, sufficient positivity is required for process of ‘Fertilization’ where some complex process like mitosis and meiosis are going to design the personality of your baby. So all would be parents, stay calm and hope for the best. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey; enjoy it’s all aspects abundantly.

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