Pregnancy Blues

Pregnancy BluesMany females have got one thing very close to their heart and that is to bear a baby. Having a child makes them grow and look towards the world with a different perspective. Never the less, some of them often get tensed the feeling of getting pregnant. They have a kind of repugnant feeling towards bearing a child or else they fear the stress of carrying a baby for nine months in their womb.

All these kinds of feeling are pregnancy blues. More over pregnancy is a natural process and it adds charm and pleasure to life. Females those have already bored child now report pregnancy as being a beautiful journey and a transformation of a lady to a mother. Most of the despondency arising out of thought of getting pregnant is due to the burden of carrying the baby in the womb for nine months. Dear, ladies I can assure you of this to be a fallacy and worth missing a chance of changing the world for you.

Pregnancy offers you a miraculous chance of experiencing the motherhood. A strong feeling of maternity subdues all the existing bad feelings in your being. A sense of responsibility, care and protection develops rendering a radical change in your personality. If you at all are afraid of the after effects of pregnancy on your body, least be assured of them to be beneficial to your constitution. Rather those of cosmetic importance wane off immediately after the delivery of the baby. All that remains in the core personality is the sense of motherhood, which encompasses love, care and protection of your offspring.

Make up your mind and just accept the pure form of love that nature has to offer you. Pregnancy blues but is a distant reality then. Cherish all the good possibilities that can arise after you get pregnant. Sadness, misery and despair have no role to play in the process. All the while you are merged in an exemplified happiness of having a child and rejoicing your motherhood. To believe pregnancy as a gift from the nature to enjoy life; is to be in companion with the Creator Himself.

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