Pregnancy- Early Diagnosis

Fortunately medical science has advanced very far in the area of early diagnosis of any condition in human body. In this respect diagnosis of pregnancy is not an exception. Never the less getting pregnant is a wonderful experience to a woman, although its first news brings upon enormous happiness to her and the family together.

In diagnosing the pregnancy, its early and subtle signs are very important and helpful. Initially one must keep in mind the date of the last menstrual period. It is technically called as LMP i.e. last menstrual period. If the partners have had healthy sex in that month and if the lady misses out the date of her next menses, least suspect the chances of the lady having been conceived. But, mere chance is not to be believed, one must completely be sure of the diagnosis. Hence, medical science is for the rescue. Get a urine pregnancy kit from a pharmacy store. Urine pregnancy kit is a tool for diagnosing pregnancy as early as in the first week after missed period.

Urine pregnancy test is based on the fundamental factor that the conception in the womb of the female triggers the release of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone in the system and thus it is also excreted through urine. While performing the urine pregnancy test this human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is used as an indicator that marks the positive sign of pregnancy. This is the most earliest diagnosis of pregnancy and so far its accuracy is concerned it is almost 90 percent accurate.

Urine pregnancy test should be performed in early morning with the mid stream sample of the first urine of the day. This serves better result and thus also allows us to rely on its results. Thus this test is an primary aid in diagnosing the pregnancy as early as possible. One can assure oneself of its results and confidently declare in to ones relatives the news of conception. The joy after this remains unfathomed and sees no bar for its expressions. So if you are worried after your missed period and suspect pregnancy, be calm and uphold this simple yet effective test of diagnosis and get relieved.Pregnancy- Early Diagnosis

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