Planning to Get Pregnant?

Planning To Get Pregnant?Hey, are you planning for a pregnancy? A dream to be a parent and get all the joy of nurturing a baby! What are you waiting for; come let’s seek some insight into it.

For newlyweds having a baby is the next thing on their cards. Now this desire when gets stronger one feels more and more need of having a baby. Meanwhile for a good conception one must know the fertile period in the menstrual cycle of the female partner. A good know how can effectively lead to guaranteed conception.

In knowing thus the menstrual cycle of the female one understands the time period as to when to have intercourse that will definitely lead to conception. A normal menstrual cycle is of 28 plus 4 days of duration. 28 days been the luteal and proliferative phase and 4 days been the menstrual phase. In these periods the most fertile days are from 11th to 20th day of the cycle counting from the first day of the menstrual phase i.e. bleeding phase. Thus these ten days are the most fertile period of the menstrual cycle the greater been the 14th day of the cycle because that been the day of ovulation.

If the couple can plan accordingly and have their intimacies in this phase of the menstrual cycle there are maximum chances of the female to conceive a baby. Nevertheless the life span of a sperm is almost 72 hours and of ovum is also 48 to 72 hours hence when the ovulation takes pace on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle and if the couple has the intercourse in the days plus or minus 2 days from the 14th day there are all the greater possibility the couple conceiving a baby.

Being pregnant is an extra ordinary experience for the female and hence one always is in receptive mood to conceive. If couples can take good care and proper understanding of these phases of the menstrual cycle one can be least assured of getting pregnant soon. For all the aspirants of betting a child and having a household filled with children may this understanding of fertile period be helpful.

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